Zach McCullough

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Johnnie Walker

The 24

The 24 is a relationship marketing program aimed at the global Johnnie Walker drinking audience.

“The number of carats in the world’s purest gold. The hours of achievement in a single day. And the precise angle—24 degrees—at which each label is carefully applied to every bottle of Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky around the world.

Fixed precisely upward, symbolizing relentless progress and optimism, the Johnnie Walker label has inspired the creation of The 24, a world of privileges, knowledge, and rewards. Features will include: “The 24s” from around the globe, or user-generated lists of restaurants, bands, bars, and more, all set to Johnnie Walker-inspired standards; and 24-minute, downloadable Walks of Greatness podcasts, where extraordinary ndividuals will share their stories of achievement and success.

The path continues on, and rich rewards lie ahead. Step up with The 24.”

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As Close as You Can Get

This was a banner ad campaign that I designed for Microsoft’s advertising division. They wanted something that was both elegant and edgy, which was definitely a challenge from a design standpoint, but I think we succeeded in creating something that was distinctly “not Microsoft” but also wasn’t so edgy that it was offensive. 

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Johnnie Walker

Beyond The Label

Beyond the Label is a project aimed at providing Johnnie Walker drinkers a behind the scenes look at what goes into making the world’s most famous Scotch. This idea was born out of the request to have a recurring series of communications that provided “insider access” to the world of Johnnie Walker. 

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Bed The Series

Movie Poster

I shot the photography and did all of the design on the poster for latest installation of the mini series “Bed”. 

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Julio Vargas

Portfolio Site

I just finished creating this identity and full web design for my friend (and excellent flash developer) Julio Vargas. This is just a sneak preview; he should have the final site up and running soon...stay tuned for more details and the launch…

Embedded Johnnie Walker Video
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Johnnie Walker

Lasting Impression

“Whether you are gifting, serving or entertaining with Johnnie Walker this holiday season, you are sure to make a lasting impression.”

This year we were faced with the difficult task of organizing multiple holiday initiatives into an integrated experience. The program stretched across several different channels including packaging design, HTML emails, direct mail and a full modular flash site build.

I am particularly proud of the web component to this project, which made use of innovative navigation techniques, 3D motion graphics, video and xml. 

Embedded Johnnie Walker Video
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Johnnie Walker

Private Tasting

The Johnnie Walker Private Tasting program shows current Johnnie Walker consumers how to organize and host an exclusive Scotch tasting for their friends. The multi-channel program began with a simple, elegant mail-piece that formally invited customers to watch a video introduction teasing the new program. A few weeks later, a follow-up email unveiled the Private Tasting and linked to the website, where customers could watch videos, download content and order a limited-edition private tasting kit.

The program was a huge success, generating more than 2,000 responses in the first 48 hours alone. Diageo is now looking to expand the experience by offering additional content such as cocktails, food pairing and blending.

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Finally a social networking website with a purpose! I did all the design work for this beast of a site (50+ pages and counting) as a very close to my heart freelance project. The premise behind this site, founded by my friend Joe Satto, is that it’s always easier to achieve your dreams when you’ve got help. Watch for updates on this project, as it should being going live soon! 

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Love is an Adventure

This site was designed for a new business pitch and was centered around an interactive game that would allow users to learn about the range of Subaru models and their capabilities. Users could virtually explore the country and learn how to get the most out of their Subaru. 

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Johnnie Walker

Valentine’s Day

Figuring out a way to promote Johnnie Walker as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift was definitely a bit of a head-scratcher at first, but this promotion wound up being very successful. Thanks to our partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue female consumers would receive a gift certificate when they purchased a bottle of Gold Label for their significant others. Guys could gift the certificate and keep the Scotch as a nice Valentine’s Day gift for themselves. 

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Johnnie Walker

The List

The brief for this project was to explore user generated content that would also double as a benefit to passive users. The solution was “The List”, a convenient place to go to learn about all of the latest trends in food, fashion and entertainment. In addition to feeding the list with content from UrbanDaddy, users could submit their own recommendations to be featured. 

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Johnnie Walker

Gleneagles Golf

This was one of the first websites that I ever designed. Built to showcase the Johnnie Walker Championship, this site featured some beautiful photography of the Gleneagles golf course in Scottland as background images that gently cross-faded in and out. Sound recorded from a golf course, combined with the ability to launch this site full-screen completed the experience. 

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St. Patrick’s Day

This website was a was essentially five entire websites wrapped up in one, each built in less than a week. Each weekly update included video, e-commerce and various other St. Patrick’s Day themed games, offers and downloads. 

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Johnnie Walker

Father’s Day

This execution of Johnnie Walker’s Father’s Day program was abandoned for something very similar, but I always loved this background image. 

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Johnnie Walker

Cover Art

I’ll be the first to admit that this image is pretty ridiculous, but I got a kick out of creating it. The kind folks at Johnnie Walker asked me to come up with a cover image for their fiscal year plan that they had entitled “Taking Johnnie Walker to New Heights”. This was where we netted out. Get it? “New Heights”?!? .... 

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Johnnie Walker

Thank You

This was a wonderful idea that somehow never got executed. The idea was to identify high valued Johnnie Walker consumers and reward them with a membership card. The card would be their ticket to preferred treatment at events around the country in addition to other online membership privileges. I’d personally join just to get my hands on a membership card that had holographic foil on it…

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Crown Royal

Cask No. 16

This mailing was sent to loyal Crown Royal drinkers to give them advance notice of a new blend being released, Crown Royal Cask 16. This was a fun piece to work on just because of the sheer number of textures incorporated into the design. The envelope was a matte black stock and the cover of the brochure was made from felt.

This was an excellent departure from the standard Crown Royal work in my book. The black and gold motif looks so much more sophisticated than their trademarked purple. 

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Once upon a time I used to do a lot of freelance work as headshot and portrait photographer. I pretty much focus entirely on design now, but occasionally I still pick up the camera for one of these jobs. These were some of my favorite shots. 

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Wedding Photos

This was the first (and only) wedding I’ve every shot. My friends mom was getting married and she asked me if I would attend the reception and take some photos. This project was a ton of work, I think I had over 400 shots to edit, but it was really fun and I loved how the photos turned out. 

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I took these photos of the Brooklyn Bridge a few years ago to use for inspiration in a website I was working on at the time. The website never got built, but these prints found their way onto my walls, and now into my portfolio.